My plan for this space is far more grand than the current posts would have one believe. I want this space to be a cohesive mix of personal and business-esque. I want to share food pix and the nifty object d’art that I just created. And thus, actually live out the title of this space the daily collective.

Posting daily - where a series of photos or a long drawn out thought on any given subject are both within the realm of reason - describes the sort of space that I wish to create. 

I want to share my love for certain games I play on my iPhone and screenshots of the same. I want to show off the stuff that I am proud of and I want to share the stuff that I make whether in an app or with fabric or any other medium. 

A random factoid about moi: I have checked my Timehop daily for more than four years. Yep, in a row.